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AT 2: Modern Italian Culture Through Film: Evaluate Sources

Guide created for Professor Cardellio's Autumn Term 2020 Course

Real or Fake?

Media Bias Chart

Why should I evaluate things I find on the internet?

1. Anyone can post anything. There is no quality control.

2. Web sites differ in quality, purpose, and bias.

3. Some websites voice opinions rather than make valid arguments.

4. In most cases, information posted on the internet has not been fact-checked or edited.

5. Many web sites seek to breed controversy rather than provide reliable information.

6. Some web sites are out of date. Check to see if there is a date for the last edits made.

7. There are many of sites that are for entertainment, i.e. The Onion.

8. Some web sites have sponsors who pay for specific content to promote their products or ideas. The information is not impartial but biased.


Fact Check Sites