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WT 6A: The Art of Podcasting: Home

A Guide to Resources for your Podcast assignment

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Link to library session slides

This guide will help you find sources for your Podcast Episode 2 assignment.


Overview: Create and publish a “deep dive” Podcast episode that is a minimum 20 minutes long
using the Anchor app. Turn in an outline/script of your podcast (as appropriate).

The writing and production of this podcast should require significant research to tell an
engaging and informative story. (Think RadioLab, Science Vs., Throughline, Revisionist History,
99% Invisible, Articles of Interest, among others.) This should be a “deep dive” into a very
narrow and specific topic of interest to you and your target audience. Think of it like a research
paper for a popular audience (not an academic audience), communicated via audio instead of in

• Be creative, be brave, have fun, don’t be boring.
• Keep your target audience in mind
• Plan your podcast carefully by creating an outline or script in advance. Submit the link to your
podcast episode and your outline or script via Moodle by class time, Thursday January 28.
• Podcast episode should be at least 20 minutes long (longer is OK)
• Make sure your episode tells a clear and compelling story. (An historical approach, while not
required, lends itself particularly well to both storytelling and research.)
• Abide by all copyright guidelines
• Draw on at least 3 credible sources that have expertise in your topic. State your sources
clearly in the podcast and, at minimum, authors and titles in the episode description
• Include a podcast title, podcast description, an episode title, episode description, and show
art for your episode

• Will you have a co-host? (If you choose to have a co-host, all requirements are double, i.e.
minimum 40 minutes long, minimum 6 sources; if your co-host is someone in this class, each
student will earn the same grade for the assignment)
• What will be the format of your episode? (see Meinzer, chapter 6; some appropriate options
include episodic documentary, investigation, magazine)

Good luck and have fun.

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