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AT 6: Bioethics and the Ancient World: Assignment Resources

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Your Final Project

Bioethics and the Ancient World, Autumn Term 2022

Team Project: Updated Medical Oath

During the second week of this course, each class member will be assigned to work in a team (4
or 5 students total) to produce an “Updated Medical Oath” for our current time (and looking
ahead to the future). This Updated Medical Oath should take into account bioethical issues and
considerations raised by our readings and course activities which are not sufficiently addressed
by past or current medical oaths (as reflected in the readings assigned for Mon., August 15).
Working with your team, you will produce 1) an Updated Medical Oath document featuring
ethical principles and/or language reflecting what your team considers to be improvements upon
or important addition to previous medical oaths. In this endeavor, it may be especially productive
to think about matters of accessibility and inclusion and their relationship to the provisions of
earlier medical oaths, as well as ethical questions or concerns raised by the COVID pandemic.
For each item in your Updated Medical Oath document, you should include at least one reference
to a course reading and/or class discussion and briefly explain how that reading or class
discussion is relevant. I strongly encourage each class member to keep a list in your notes of
thoughts, observations, or questions that may be useful for this assignment (perhaps under the
heading “Possible issues/topics to consider for Updated Medical Oath Project”). Each Team’s
document should contain at least 5 proposed updates/items (with references and explanations);
for all teams this document is due by the start of class time on Wed. Aug. 31.
Each team will also deliver a presentation (approx. 15 minutes, followed by 5-10 minutes of Q &
A) about the contents of its Updated Medical Oath document, providing an overview,
explanation, and reference(s) for 5 of the items in your document. In your remarks, each team
should also include reflections one item from the COVID Time Capsule in the Library and
discuss how it relates to at least one of the items in your Updated Medical Oath document.
Finally, each Team should also remark on some of the challenges it encountered, and what it has
learned from those challenges that will be beneficial for work and/or planning with future team
projects. Each team should strive to deliver its presentation in a way that is engaging, creative,
and insightful. Each member of the group should be involved during the presentation, and the
responsibilities of preparation should be equally balanced.

COVID and Eckerd College