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AT 18: Narratives of Sail: Library Exercise

This guide will provide you with resources for your course assignments.

Library Exercise

Library Resources Exercise

AT 18: Narratives of Sail

August 18, 2021

“Leaving the known for the unknown.”

Now that you’re a few days into AT, and getting to know the people in this course, you’ve got decisions to make about Fall Term 2021. Make a list of professors teaching the courses you plan to take. What sort of research, art, writing, or performance have they done in their careers?

1.     Find a work by one of your future professors.  Write a bibliographic entry for it.

             Use OneSearch to search their name.

 “What is it about a journey?”

If you could travel with any of the professors on their future study abroad courses, where would you go and what would you study?  

2. Look up something about the topic or destination that is meaningful to you using one of the library’s reference databases. Not Wikipedia--use Credo Reference. The CIA World Factbook is also recommended. 

The answer should be at least two paragraphs.  The first paragraph should cover where you would go (with evidence to support the selection), and the second paragraph should cover what you would study (with evidence to support the selection).

 Here’s a link for International Education

“Stories of the journey.”

You have selected an author to research. What is the story of the author's journey? What was happening in the world when he, she, or they were writing?

3. Use Literature Resource Center or Credo to find information about the author, and the period the works were written.  The Oxford English Dictionary will help you find definitions and word origins


Using or a similar program, create a book cover for the biography of the author (please use three elements from the author's life in the graphic design).