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Citation Styles: APA

A guide to citation style resources for writing assignments.

APA (American Psychological Association)




Edgerly, S. (2017). Seeking out and avoiding the news media: Young adults' proposed strategies for obtaining current events information. Mass Communication & Society, 20(3), 358-377. doi:


Jex, S. M., & Britt, T. W. (2014). Organizational psychology: a scientist-practitioner approach. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.


Eckerd Library Resources

Resources around the web:

Finding the DOI

When citing journal articles in APA style, the Digital Object Identifier must be provided at the end of the citation.  This alpha-numeric code provides a stable, long-lasting link to the article. It is NOT the same as an ISBN or accession number.
You can find the DOI in the following places:

  • Article description page in OneSearch and other Library databases

  • Article PDF

  • Search article title in

If there is no DOI for an article, use the URL for the journal homepage or the URL for the library database where you found the article.

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