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Human Experience - 2021-2022: HE Authors

Information on Authors of Your HE Readings

You may also view the information on authors from your HE readings in this presentation: HE Authors 2021-22

Martha Nussbaum

Born: 1947, New York, NY


Biographical Information



Photo by Sally Ryan

Berthold Brecht

Born: 1898, Augsberg, German Empire

Died: 1956, East Berlin, East Germany


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Photo by Jörg Kolbe

Marx and Engels

Karl Marx

Born: 1818, Trier Germany

Died: 1883, London, England

Friedrich Engels

Born: 1820, Barmen, Germany

Died: 1895, London, England


Biographical Information



Photo of Marx by F.K. Wudner

Photo of Engels by George Lester

James Baldwin

Born: 1924,  New York, NY

Died: 1987, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France


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Photo by Allan Warren

Siddhartha Mukherjee

Born: 1970, New Delhi, India


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Photo by Allison Michael Orenstein

Lulu Miller

Born: 1983, Newton, Massachusetts


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Library Guide: Why Fish Don’t Exist



Photo by John Poole/NPR


Born: 424/423 BC, Athens, Greece

Died: 348/347 BC, Athens, Greece


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Unknown artist

W.E.B. Du Bois

Born: 1868, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Died: 1963, Accra, Ghana


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Photo by Addison N. Scurlock


Mèng kē


Born: 372 BC, State of Zou, Zhou Kingdom 

(present-day Zoucheng, Shandong)

Died: 289 BC (aged 82–83)


Biographical Information



Illustration by an unknown Chinese artist

Ursula K. LeGuin

Born: 1929, Berkeley, California

Died: 2018, Portland, Oregon


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Photo by Marian Wood Kolisch