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Information Literacy: Information Literacy at Eckerd

Provides information on information literacy Framework and assignments designed to teach information literacy.

What is Information Literacy?

Information Literacy:

"Information literacy is the set of integrated abilities encompassing the reflective discovery of information, the understanding of how information is produced and valued, and the use of information in creating new knowledge and participating ethically in communities of learning."

ACRL (2016) Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education.

AT Library Orientation

The Autumn Term Library Orientation at Eckerd College consists of:

  • #MyEckerdLibrary Orientation
  •  Personal Librarian Program

This orientation introduces to the many services offered in a friendly, lighthearted way.

The Personal Librarian Program connects incoming students with their very own librarian at Eckerd.  Someone they can feel get to know and feel comfortable approaching for help.

IL Assessment

SAILS (Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills) is used by Eckerd for a cohort of classes in Autumn Term and in Quest for Meaning.  To learn more about how SAILS is being used on our campus, open the links below.

Why is Library Instruction Important?

Often we make the mistake to assume that students are "tech savy" therefore they can do library related research.  Project Information Literacy is a national study about early adults and their information-seeking behaviors, competencies, and the challenges they face when conducting research in the digital age. 

The Eckerd College Librarians are here to help your students with every step of the research process.  Please contact us to collaborate on assignments and provide the best instruction to meet your students needs.

The two short videos below summarize parts of the Project Information Literacy findings in relation to frustations students face when given a research assignment and how they rely on assignment handouts.

Library Instruction

If you would like a librarian to teach your students how to do research, use the request form below. Tell us about your assignment and we will tailor the instruction session to your needs.