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Kanopy Streaming Video: Home

Information for faculty on incorporating videos from Kanopy into the classroom..

How Kanopy Works

Kanopy films can be streamed

  • on or off-campus
  • to PCs (Flash required) or Macs (no other software required)
    • auto bandwidth detection allows videos to be streamed at the most appropriate video quality for uninterrupted streaming.
  • unlimited simultaneous views

This allows Kanopy films to be used

  • in the classroom
  • embedded into course Moodle pages
  • as part of course reserves
  • by students outside of the classroom for required assignments


Survey/Feedback Form

We would appreciate any feedback you have about your experiences using Kanopy.  Please take a moment to complete our Kanopy survey

If you have any questions, please contact

Nancy Schuler

Kanopy Streaming Video


Kanopy logo

Instructions for how to:

  • Link to full-length videos for off-campus access:
    • On the video's page, copy the URL of the video from the address bar at the top of your browser and paste it into an email or website.  Off-campus users will automatically be directed to login to our campus proxy to access the full site.
    • A persistent URL for Kanopy should look something like this:
  • Linking versus embedding (1 min 30 s):
    • Overview of linking to video or embedding video within Moodle to help you choose which option is best for your situation.
  • Adding a link to Moodle (2 min 20 s):
    • Video tutorial demonstrating how to add link to Kanopy video within Moodle.  With this option, students leave Moodle to go to the Kanopy site to view the video. This may be helpful if you want the students to use the video as part of an assignment, for example, making clips, or playlists, as they can take advantage of all the clip-making tools from Kanopy.
  • Embedding video in Moodle (4 min):
    • Video tutorial demonstrating how to embed a Kanopy video into Moodle.  With this option, students stay within Moodle to view the video.  This allows them to view the video in full screen, but does not give them any other options. If you simply want them to view the video, this is probably enough.
  • Create a video clip and/or playlist (PDF instructions from Kanopy)

Using Kanopy in Teaching

Ways to use Kanopy both in and out of the classroom:

  • Stream clips or full length films in the classroom
  • Link to or embed films in course website
  • Create assignments for a specific film, requiring students to analyze or interpret by watching film on their own.
    • Examples
      • Finding examples of bias in a documentary
      • Demonstrating lighting/filmmaking principles
  • Have students create clips to incorporate into assignments or presentations

As a new teaching resource, we invite you to come up with more ways to utilize video within your courses and hope you will share your experiences with us in return so we can make more informed decisions regarding streaming video access in the future.  Feel free to send feedback to

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