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CM 223: Argumentation & Debate Research Guide

This guide has been created for students in Professor James Janack's Argumentation & Debate course.

Mapping Out Your Research

Mind Maps are visual representations of your ideas that can help you organize your research and easily modify your ideas or arguments.  They are great brainstorming tools to use as you conduct your research because they allow you to map out the various concepts related to your topic.  The following example is a mind map about the sample research topic created using MindMup, a free tool accessible via your Google Drive.  

Sample Mind Map

sample mind map

NOTE: This is an optional tools to help you organize your research and are not a required part of today's library instruction.


MINDMUP Mind Mapping Tool

MINDMUP is a simple mind mapping tool that is connected to Google Drive. 

To create your own mind map using MindMup:

  1. Go to and log into your Eckerd gmail account
  2. Click the link to Drive in the top navigation bar
  3. In the top left,  click the button for New > More > Connect More Apps
  4. Search for MindMup 2.0 in the Search the App Store search box
  5. Once MindMup 2.0 for Google Drive appears, click Connect.
  6. Back in Google Drive, click New, More, and MindMup 2.0 to start mind mapping.
  7. All changes are automatically saved to your Google Drive account.

Important tips

  • Turn on autosave
  • If you are working collaboratively, use the Share button to send a link to your partner(s)
  • F or / = Expand or collapse tree 
  • Tab = Add child 
  • Enter/Return = Add sibling 
  • Ctrl/Command + Z = Undo
  • Z = Zoom in
  • Shift+Z = Zoom out