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Literature Research Guide - American : Websites

General Websites


Look for resources for many of the major American poets arranged in their appropriate movement category on this page.  For example, look for Langston Hughes in the "Harlem Renaissance (1920s)" box.  Be sure to also check out the "Modern American Poetry" site found in the "Modern Age (1915 - 1946) " category. 

Puritanism (1472 - 1750)

Enlightenment (1750 - 1800)

Romanticism (1800 - 1840)

Transcendentalism (1840 - 1855)

Realism (1865 - 1915)

Please Note:  There is not a general consensus about start and end dates for various literary movements, so you will see discrepancies from site to site. 

Regionalism & Local Color Fiction


Harlem Renaissance (1920s)

Modern Age (1915 - 1946)

Contemporary (1946 - present)

Native American Literature

African American Literature

Asian American Literature

Hispanic American & Chicana/o Literature