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CO122: Analytic and Persuasive Writing: Home

This guide lists resources for your assignments in CO122.

Welcome to your CO122 Library Guide.

Why should you use the library when so much information is online?  We live in a post-truth world where anyone can share whatever they think is true, regardless of science and the reality of the issue.  The library provides quality resources that are already vetted for you.  Effective research skills requires the ability to determine what type of information you need and knowledge of where to find it.  Searching is a strategic and iterative process.

Word of the year, 2016. Oxford Living Dictionaries

Research Paper Planner

Need help setting deadlines for yourself so that you finish your paper on time? Use this handy Research Paper Planner to break your assignment into manageable deadlines, track your progress, and link to campus resources for additional support. 

Research Paper Planner


How to make a copy in google drive
> Open the file in Google Sheets
> click the File tab
> click Make a copy...
> click OK to copy the planner into your Drive

*Adapted from Shannon Roux's Research Paper Planner at UCLA Libraries (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US)