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Environmental Studies

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GE 1-350     Environmental sciences

     - GE 70-90     Environmental education

     - GE 170-190     Environmental policy

     - GE 195-199     Environmentalism.  Green movement

     - GE 300-350     Environmental management

GF 1-900     Human ecology. Anthropogeography

     - GF 51     Environmental influences on humans

     - GF 75     Human influences on the environment

     - GF 101-127     Settlements

          - GF 125     Cities. Urban geography

          - GF 127     Rural settlements. Rural geography

     - GF 500-900     By region or country

HB 848-3697     Demography.  Population (including overpopulation).  Vital events

HC 79     [Economic history and conditions.] Special topics.  Including air pollution, automation, consumer demand, famines, flow of funds, etc.

K 3581‑3598     Environmental law

QH 75-81     Nature conservation, Biodiversity

QH 540-549.5     Animal Ecology

     - QH541.5     Marine ecology

QK 900-989     Plant Ecology

RA 565-600     Environmental health.  Including sewage disposal, air pollution, nuisances, water supply

S 589.7     Agricultural ecology (General)

S 589.75-589.76     Agriculture and the environment

S 604.5-604.64     Agricultural conservation

S 605.5     Organic farming.  Organiculture

S 622-627     Soil conservation and protection

S 900-972     Conservation of natural resources.  Including land conservation

SD 1-669.5     Forestry

     - SD 411-428     Conservation and protection.  Including forest influences, damage by elements, fires, forest reserves

     - SD 430-559     Exploitation and utilization.  Including timber trees, fuelwood, logging, transportation, valuation

TD 1-1066     Environmental technology.

     - TD 169-171.8     Environmental protection

     - TD 172-193.5     Environmental pollution

     - TD 194-195     Environmental effects of industries and plants

     - TD 201-500     Water supply for domestic and industrial purposes

          - TD 419-428     Water pollution

          - TD 429.5-480.7     Water purification.  Water treatment and conditioning.  Saline water conversion

     - TD 511-780     Sewage collection and disposal systems.  Sewerage

     - TD 783-812.5     Municipal refuse.  Solid wastes

     - TD 813-870     Street cleaning.  Litter and its removal

     - TD 878-894     Special types of environment.  Including soil pollution, air pollution, noise pollution

     - TD 895-899     Industrial and factory sanitation

          - TD 896-899     Industrial and factory wastes

     - TD 1020-1066     Hazardous substances and their disposal

Sections GE and GF are located on the 1st floor.

Sections H-Z are located on the 2nd floor. 

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