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Use keyword searching to find books about an individual author or world literature topic.   In the OneSearch below, type in the name of an author OR use keywords to search for a literary topic (for example -- Leo Tolstoy, Bertolt Brecht, Jane Austen, existentialism in literature, modern Japanese fiction, etc.).  

Use author searching when you want to find a list of works written by a certain author in OneSearch.  Click on the "Author" option below the search box and type the author's name in this format:  Last name, First name (for example -- Tolstoy, Leo / Brecht, Bertolt / Austen, Jane).

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Use the following call numbers to browse books on our shelves.

PA 3050‑4505     Greek literature

PA 5000‑5660     Byzantine and modern Greek literature

PA 6000‑6971     Roman literature

PA 8001‑8595     Medieval and modern Latin literature

PG 2900-(3698)     Russian literature

PJ 1-(9500)     Oriental philology and literature

PJ 306-489     Literature

PJ 1001-1989     Egyptology

PJ 1481-1989     Literature.  Inscriptions

PJ 4501-5192     Hebrew

PJ 5001-5060     Literature

PJ 7501-8517     Arabic literature

PK 1-(9601)     Indo-Iranian philology and literature

PK 1931-2212     Hindi, Urdu, Hindustani languages and


PK 6001-6996     Iranian philology and literature

PK 6400-(6599.7)     Literature

PK 8001-8832     Armenian

PK 8501-8832     Literature

PL (490)-495     Far Eastern languages and literature

PL 501-889     Japanese language and literature

PL 700-889     Japanese literature

PL 901-998     Korean language and literature

PL 950-998     Korean literature

PL 1001-3208     Chinese language and literature

PL 2250-3208     Chinese literature

PL 3512     Malaysian literature

PL 3515     Singapore literature

PL 8000-8844     African languages and literature

PL 8009.5-8014     Literature

PN 1-6790     Literature (General)

PN 1-9     Periodicals

PN 20-30     Societies

PN 45-57     Theory.  Philosophy.  Esthetics

PN 59-72     Study and teaching

PN 80-99     Criticism

PN 101-245     Authorship

PN 172-239     Technique.  Literary composition, etc.

PN 241-241.5     Translating as a literary pursuit

PN 441-1009.5     Literary history

PN 451-497     Biography

PN 500-519     Collections

PN 597-605     Special relations, movements, and currents of literature

PN 610-779     By period

PN 611-649     Ancient

PN 661-694     Medieval (to 1500)

PN 683-687     Legends

PN 688-691     Poetry

PN 692-693     Prose.  Prose fiction

PN 695-779     Modern

PN 715-749     Renaissance (1500-1700)

PN 801-820     Romance literature

PN 821-840     Germanic literature

PN 841     Black literature (General)

PN 842     Jewish literature in various languages

PN 851-(884)     Comparative literature

PN (905)-1008     Folk literature

PN 980-995     Fables

PN 1008.2-1009.5     Juvenile literature

PN 1010-1525     Poetry

PN 1031-1049     Theory, philosophy, relations, etc.

PN 1065-1085     Relations to, and treatment of, special subjects

PN 1110-1279     History and criticism

PN 1301-1333     Epic poetry

PN 1341-1347     Folk poetry

PN 1351-1389     Lyric poetry

PN 1530     The monologue

PN 1551     The dialogue

PN 1560-1590     The performing arts.  Show business

PN 1585-1589     Centers for the performing arts

PN 1600-3307     Drama

PN 3311-3503     Prose.  Prose fiction

PN 3329-3352     Philosophy, theory, etc.

PN 3355-3383     Technique.  Authorship

PN 3427-3448     Special kinds of fiction.  Fiction genres

PN 3451-3503     History

PN 4001-4355     Oratory.  Elocution, etc.

PN 4071-4095     Study and teaching

PN 4177-4191     Debating

PN 4199-4321     Recitations (in English)

PN 4331-4355     Recitations in foreign languages

PN 4390     Diaries

PN 4400     Letters (Literary history)

PN 4500     Essays (Literary history)

PN 6010-6790     Collections of general literature

PN 6066-6069     Special classes of authors

PN 6080-6095     Quotations

PN 6081-6084     English

PN 6086-6089     French

PN 6090-6110     German

PN 6099-6110     Poetry

PN 6110.5-6120     Drama

PN 6120.15-6120.95     Fiction

PN 6121-6129     Orations

PN 6130-6140     Letters

PN 6141-6145     Essays

PN 6146.5-6231     Wit and humor

PN 6157-6222     By region or country

PN 6233-6238     Anacreontic literature

PN 6244-6246     Literary extracts.  Commonplace books

PN 6249-6258     Ana

PN 6259-6268     Anecdotes.  Table talk

PN 6269-6278     Aphorisms.  Apothegms

PN 6279-6288     Epigrams

PN 6288.5-6298     Epitaphs

PN 6299-6308     Maxims

PN 6309-6318     Mottoes

PN 6319-6328     Sayings, bon mots, etc.

PN 6329-6338     Thoughts

PN 6340-6348     Toasts

PN 6348.5-6358     Emblems, devices

PN 6361     Paradoxes

PN 6366-6377     Riddles, acrostics, charades, conundrums, etc.

PN 6400-6525     Proverbs

PN 6700-6790     Comic books, strips, etc.

PQ 1-3999     French literature

PQ 4001-5999     Italian literature

PQ 6001-8929     Spanish literature

PQ 9000-9999     Portuguese literature

PR 1-9680     English literature

PS 1-3576     American literature

PS (8001-8599)     Canadian  literature       

PT 1-4897     German literature

PT 5001-5980     Dutch literature

PT 6000-6467.36     Flemish literature since 1830

PT 6500-6593.36     Afrikaans literature

PT 7001-7099     Scandinavian literature

PT 7101-7338     Old Norse literature: Old Icelandic and Old Norwegian

PT 7351-7550     Modern Icelandic literature

PT 7581-7599     Faroese literature

PT 7601-8260     Danish literature

PT 8301-9155     Norwegian literature

PT 9201-9999     Swedish literature

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