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Cephalonian 2.0: Transforming large-scale library orientations to support student success: Student Feedback

Online guide to Eckerd College's orientation program

Post Orientation Assessment

Student Reflection Post Orientation

As a part of the unique Autumn Term experience for freshman at Eckerd College, students are required to author reflective journal entries following campus events and orientations. The following responses were gleaned from 2015 student portfolios in regard to the #MyEckerdLibrary orientation event.

"Answered questions I didn’t even know I had."

"It was fun, engaging and did not waste time."

"The polls were comical and also kept me awake."

"The staff welcomed questions and that really made me feel as if they were there for me as a student. It wasn’t an intimidating library presentation."

"What stood out was the enthusiasm the librarians had about helping us."

"I was intimidated by all that the library has to offer, but I feel comfortable that I can use everything there effectively."

"I have never been interested in studying at the library. But now that I know how much this library has to offer, I might end up living there."

"I liked that it was interactive! It made the “lecture” feel less formal."

"Great questions and helpful answers. I love the slideshow and memes."

"I feel like I am always welcome to talk to my librarian about anything academically related."

"I really enjoyed the polls, especially the comical options like cats being found in the library."

Suggestions for Improvement

Immediate student assessment of the #MyEckerdLibrary orientation event was obtained by administering a short written survey to student attendees at the close of the orientation event.  An incentive drawing for a custom longboard engraved with the Eckerd College logo was offered to attendees to encourage completion and an 84% response rate was achieved as a result.

Less staged, please!  Less corny! Too cheesy! Less fake!

Have students submit questions in advance.  More unscripted questions.

Incorporate the scripted questions a different way because many people left with unanswered questions. I was confused as to whether I could ask my own questions.

Have it in the library.  Take us on a physical tour of the library. Go to the library.

Tell us more about yourselves! More emphasis on personal librarians. Try to make more connections. Give interesting facts about yourselves at the start.

Provide a handout. Give out a flyer or something. Pass out a contact info page.

Show tutorials.

More energy. More fun.

More food. More candy. More longboards. More prizes. Free book giveaways. More t-shirts. More free stuff.

More memes!  More videos! More gifs in presentation.

Less memes! Less memes, please! No funny questions, please get to the point!

Smaller group size.

Make it shorter. Have it at a different time.