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Online guide to Eckerd College's orientation program

Making it work for you

Forming and maintaining partnerships both on and off campus can help shape the direction in which you are able to take many different elements of a library orientation.  In our case, we hope to deepen partnerships already formed as well as explore new opportunities as we strive to improve the event.  Taking student feedback into account informs conversations on-campus, and looking at local culture can help direct what off campus partnerships you might seek to form.

Local Partnerships

Looking at the culture on our campus, it is obvious that longboarding (a form of skateboard) is important to many of our students.  We have learned that students are curious about where they can get a longboard when they first arrive at Eckerd.  By identifying and establishing a relationship with a local company that crafts custom longboards, we are able to tap into that culture and build some excitement about something truly unique.

Local Longboard Company of St. Petersburg, Florida crafted two custom longboards bearing the Eckerd College and Local Longboard logos laser engraved in the deck of the boards.  These boards were drawn at random from among the survey respondents.  All students in attendance had the opportunity to win one of these boards, just for filling out our survey!

Campus Partnerships

On campus partnerships have been crucial to support our efforts in many ways.  Fiscal backing, aid in staffing, and promotion of the event are a few of the tangible aids that can help make an event a success.

Student Affairs

  • Financial backing to help with prize support
  • Scheduling of the event to accommodate our vision
  • Provide the library copies of student reflections written about the event

Student Life

  • Volunteer staffing to aid in running the event smoothly
  • Student photographer
  • Prepare music selections to play as students enter/exit

Information Technology Services

  • Set up and troubleshoot A/V needs before and during the event


  • Room arrangements in advance


An important part of generating and maintaining engagement and participation with our event was prize support.  Students who asked questions, whether scripted or their own, were given prizes.  Past orientation feedback from other events demonstrated that our students desired some type of giveaway--even if it is small--at the end for everyone, not just a select few (e.g. race winners, those who ask questions, etc.).

Grand Prizes drawn from submitted surveys

  • Two different, custom longboards with the Eckerd College logo

Prizes for those who asked questions

  • My Eckerd Library T-shirts
  • Eckerd College lanyards

Prizes for all

  • Skateboard keychain emblazoned with "Cruise in to the EC Library"
  • Local Longboard Company sticker
  • Bookmark with information about our Discovery Search tool
  • Candy