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Streaming Video Collections

A guide to streaming video collections at Eckerd College Library.

Kanopy Streaming Video

Kanopy homepage image

Active Kanopy Licenses

The following list shows active Kanopy licenses and when they expire. Faculty should submit requests for additional titles using the Kanopy request form for each film.

Kanopy Request Form

You will see the following form appear for any films that the library is not currently leasing.  Please include the course name and number in the message section for which you will use the film.

sample request form

Sharing and Embedding Kanopy Content

Kanopy videos can be easily shared via e-mail or Moodle by clicking the Share button and using the link or embed code as shown below. Just copy and paste the code provided.

Sharing Kanopy content

Additional instructions for adding videos to Moodle can be found below:

  • Linking versus embedding (1 min 30 s):
    • Overview of linking to video or embedding video within Moodle to help you choose which option is best for your situation.
  • Adding a link to Moodle (2 min 20 s):
    • Video tutorial demonstrating how to add link to Kanopy video within Moodle.  With this option, students leave Moodle to go to the Kanopy site to view the video. This may be helpful if you want the students to use the video as part of an assignment, for example, making clips, or playlists, as they can take advantage of all the clip-making tools from Kanopy.
  • Embedding video in Moodle (4 min):
    • Video tutorial demonstrating how to embed a Kanopy video into Moodle.  With this option, students stay within Moodle to view the video.  This allows them to view the video in full screen, but does not give them any other options. If you simply want them to view the video, this is probably enough.
  • Create a video clip and/or playlist (PDF instructions from Kanopy)