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The Eckerd College COVID-19 Community Archive Project is a crowdsourced electronic archive that records the experiences of members of the Eckerd College community during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Works are accepted in a variety of electronic formats and will be shared on a publicly available website in the Spring of 2021.

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* An Eckerd email address is required for submissions. If you do not have an Eckerd email address, please contact Nancy Schuler at for separate instructions. 


Submission Requirements

Rights and Submission Statements

Please note the following rights and submission guidelines that you will need to agree to in order to submit your work.

Rights Statement

This statement describes your ownership of the work, and that you will retain copyright over your work with your submission. 

I/We attest that I am/we are the sole and absolute owner(s) of the described work(s) and all rights therein. I/We hereby give to Eckerd College, its successors and assigns, the above-described property. Said materials, electronic files, or links are to be added to the archives and historical collections of Eckerd College and may be made available, at the discretion of Eckerd College, to in-person and online researchers subject to standard archival practices and without conditions and restrictions. As the donor(s) of the described work, I/we will retain copyright of materials.

Submission Statement

This gives permission for Eckerd College to use your submission in the Community Archive Project.

Submissions to the COVID-19 Community Archive Project are used at the discretion of the Eckerd College Library. This includes sharing metadata, digital productions, or links to materials online. Submitted materials must comply with Eckerd College's Academic Honesty Council & Policy and Copyright & Intellectual Property Policy.

Submission Formats

The following file types may be submitted to the project:

  • Drawing - .png, .gif, .jpg, .tiff, .pdf
  • Image - .png, .gif, .jpg, .tiff, .pdf
  • Video - .mp4 or .mov
  • Audio - .mp3
  • Document - .docx, Google doc
  • Presentation - .pptx, Google slides
  • Spreadsheet - .xlsx, Google sheet
  • Link/URL (publicly available)

Note that files can be a maximum of 10 MB. If you have a larger file, continue to use the form to submit your project but email Nancy Schuler ( for separate upload instructions.