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HD 410: Theory Research

Online guide for researching theoretical foundations in human development.

Finding Primary Sources for Human Development Theories

This is the online research guide for Human Development Theorist Research.  The resources in this guide have been specifically selected to assist with your research on the theoretical foundations of human development.

Feel free to contact me or any of the other librarians if you have any questions during the research process. 

~ Nancy

Link to class slides

In-class Worksheet


Getting Started

Use OneSearch to search for materials. Some are on course reserve (see HD Senior Seminar Course Reserves list in OneSearch) and others are journal articles linked from library databases. You may also refer to the HD Developmental Theorists (Summary of Resources) to get a sense of the number of titles available.

Course reserves are located at the Circulation Desk on the HD Reserves cart. Materials are in-library use only, and can be checked out for 2-hours (one at a time)

To begin your research on human development theorists:

Step 1: Choose a theory or theorist to research

  • Consult related course materials
  • Consider theories of interest in HD classes
  • You may also refer to the HD Developmental Theorists (Summary of Resources) for a list of theories and theorists, and the minimum number of readings available on Course Reserve. You will likely encounter more than is listed in OneSearch. 
  • Search for basic information about your theorist in Reference Materials (link on left)

Step 2: Finding Sources 

Consult the following sources:

  • HD Reserves cart - 150+ books and articles specific to HD theorists, organized by theorist last name. Course Reserves list - links to physical and electronic course reserves for HD 410
  • OneSearch or PsycNet - all available books, ebooks, articles, written by and about theorists, as well as access to ILL
  • - for out of print monographs (books), many available for items on HD Reserves cart 


Stages of autumn leaves by by Samet Çolakoğlu.