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Eckerd Scholar Project Site

Project site for Eckerd Scholar implementation.


Eckerd Scholar is an institutional repository built on the Esploro platform hosted by Ex Libris. It contains the following key components:


Researcher Profiles highlight faculty at the college, including scholarship, grants and awards, and efforts related to student mentoring and research. Profiles consist of a number of details including:

  • Profile image - from College website
  • Organization unit - mapped from Research Organization Unit list
  • Areas of Expertise - via mapped subject areas and keywords
  • Publications, including altmetrics and open access versions or library access, if available. This is automatically harvested with review and approval by library staff. Manual uploads are also possible.
  • Related links - this might be a personal website, college website, project page, etc.
  • Grant awards

Profiles can be managed internally via library staff, or by researchers themselves through the site.

Sample researcher profile:

sample profile

Student representation in Esploro

Student works are added in the following ways:

  • ETDs - electronic theses and dissertations. Only undergraduate theses are added in this section.
  • Assets - these can consist of presentations, papers, publications, interactive sources, etc. Professor or departmental advisor is added as the researcher with the student listed as a contributor to the asset.

We may need to request additional options/features to highlight student work as we add more student collections and see how they are rendered for a specific faculty member/advisor.

Students do not have profiles like faculty do. However, there name can be associated with specific assets.


Researchers and students have assets associated with them. Assets can be in the following formats:

Category Code Types
Conference conference
  • Conference Paper
  • Conference Poster
  • Conference Presentation
  • Conference Program
  • Poster - A poster other than a conference
  • Presentation - A presentation other than a conference
Creative Work creativeWork
  • Choreography
  • Dance
  • Design and architecture
  • Drama
  • Essay
  • Exhibition catalog
  • Fiction (novel, short story)
  • Film
  • Musical composition
  • Musical performance
  • Musical score
  • New media
  • Non-fiction
  • Other creative work
  • Painting
  • Poetry
  • Script
  • Sculpture
  • Set design
  • Theater
Dataset dataset
  • Dataset
ETD etd
  • ETD doctoral
  • ETD graduate
  • ETD undergraduate
External ETD etdexternal
  • External ETD doctoral
  • External ETD graduate
  • External ETD undergraduate
Interactive Resource interactiveResource
  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • Virtual reality environment
  • Webinar
  • Website
More other
  • Map
  • Model
  • Other
Posted Content postedContent
  • Accepted manuscript
  • Preprint
  • Working paper
Publication publication
  • Abstract
  • Annotation
  • Bibliography
  • Book
  • Book chapter
  • Conference proceeding
  • Dictionary entry
  • Edited book
  • Editorial
  • Encyclopedia entry
  • Journal article
  • Journal issue
  • Letter
  • Magazine article
  • Newsletter article
  • Newspaper article
  • Report
  • Review
  • Technical documentation
  • Translation
Software software
  • Code
  • Workflow
Teaching and Learning teaching
  • Assignment/exercise
  • Course workbook
  • Flashcards
  • Lecture
  • Lecture outline
  • Online course module
  • Study guide
  • Syllabus
  • Teaching activity
  • Teaching case study
  • Teaching manual/handbook
  • Test/quiz question bank
  • Textbook
  • Tutorial
  • Video teaching demonstration
  • Other Learning objects