Scholarships, Fellowships, Academic Internships, and Grants: Marine Science

This guide is designed to assist members of the Eckerd College Community in identifying scholarships, grants, academic internships, and fellowship opportunities.

Marine Science

List three to five questions that you think reflect questions that guide the overall intellectual inquiry of this major.

  • to serve as part of a liberal arts education,

  • providing an awareness of the marine environment and its significance to humankind,

  • be better prepared to solve complex environmental and scientific problems.

  • Because many of today’s pressing issues in marine science must be addressed from a variety of perspectives, our program is interdisciplinary.

  • In addition to specializing in a particular track of either marine biology, marine chemistry, marine geology, or marine geophysics, you will also become broadly educated in aspects of marine science outside your specialty.

What traits/attributes do successful scholars in this area have?

  • synthesize information from the various marine science disciplines

  • speak professionally

  • utilize bibliographic resources effectively and properly document them in a scientific report.


Florida Sea Grant

Florida Sea Grant administers a number of scholarship and fellowship opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students at Florida universities. These are offered on an annual basis. Application deadlines are indicated below. Students are encouraged to contact Karl Havens, the Director of Florida Sea Grant, for additional information about these opportunities.

Resources for Students in the Natural/Aquatic Sciences

This resource was created by Anjali Boyd.  Please take a look at it for lots of internships, support, and experiences. At the bottom of the document, there is a great set of listervs and job databases.

Marine Technology Society

This resource has a number of scholarships for students. Each year, MTS offers significant scholarships to college graduate, college undergraduate and senior high school students accepted into full-time marine-related programs with focus in marine technology, marine engineering and/or marine science.

Women in Divers Hall of Fame

This resource has a number of scholarships for students. The Women Divers Hall of Fame ™ (WDHOF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring and raising awareness of the contributions of outstanding women divers. WDHOF provides educational, mentorship, financial, and career opportunities to the diving community throughout the world. Each year, WDHOF awards scholarships and training grants that provide financial and educational support to individuals of all ages.

General Search Sites and Databases

Associations and Organizations

The Society for Ecological Restoration

 A global community of restoration professionals that includes researchers, practitioners, decision-makers, and community leaders from Africa, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, and the Americas.  SER’s mission is to promote ecological restoration as a means of sustaining the diversity of life on Earth and re-establishing an ecologically healthy relationship between nature and culture.  



Post-Eckerd Support and Engagement

Lots more resources

Careers, Internships, and Experiences in the Marine Sciences

This document has a ton of resources and links to review.  It will help to provide a framework for understanding the opportunities in Marine Science broadly.

International Opportunities in Marine Science

This document explores areas in the international space that provide support for students and graduates studying Marine Science.