Scholarships, Fellowships, Academic Internships, and Grants: American Studies

This guide is designed to assist members of the Eckerd College Community in identifying scholarships, grants, academic internships, and fellowship opportunities.

American Studies

List some questions that you think reflect questions that guide the overall intellectual inquiry of this major.

  • American Studies is a broad, interdisciplinary major in American civilization that focuses upon American experience and identity, past and present, 

  • using the methods and approaches of a variety of academic disciplines, as well as the distinctive cultural perspective of American Studies.

  • Built around the core disciplines of history, literature, and political science.

  • In order to allow students to shape their courses of study to their own intellectual goals, the major may also include courses in diverse fields such as philosophy, religion, art, film studies, music, communication, and women’s and gender studies, provided that the courses are related to understanding the society and culture of the United States. 

  • Each student’s program should form a consistent pattern of courses in American culture and institutions.

List some approaches to mastering the intellectual skills and tools for problem solving that could be used in this major.

  • Knowledge of American history, institutions, environment, values, and culture from an interdisciplinary perspective, with an emphasis on American experience and identity past and present, demonstrated by the ability to talk and write intelligently about these topics.

  • Knowledge of the development of the field of American Studies as an academic discipline, including its methods, scope, and perspectives.

  • Understanding of a core discipline in American Studies (e.g., American history, American literature, American government, political science, etc.) and how it relates to the larger field of American Studies, as well as how the study of the core discipline is enriched by the interdisciplinary approach of American Studies.

  • Familiarity with the classic works in American Studies and the ability to evaluate the author's methodology.

  • Demonstrated ability to undertake a research project that will explore important issues and problems in methodology and interpretation of American Studies.



The Gilder Lehrman Scholarship

The Gilder Lehrman Institute supports two internship cycles each year: academic-year internships and summer internships. While most internships are for college students, there may also be internships for high school and graduate school students. Internships are generally available in a variety of departments, including accounting, curatorial, development, digital, education, and marketing.

Please email if you have questions about our internship program.


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