Scholarships, Fellowships, Academic Internships, and Grants: Political Science

This guide is designed to assist members of the Eckerd College Community in identifying scholarships, grants, academic internships, and fellowship opportunities.

Scholarships and Fellowships

The Coro Fellowship uses the city as a classroom to train the next generation of change makers. Today’s complex urban environments present constantly evolving challenges and opportunities, creating an increasing need for versatile leaders with the ability to forge connections and lead across the non-profit, business and government sectors. Competitively selected applicants will join an intimate cohort of 12 participants for the nine-month program, with each cohort encompassing a wide range of communities, interests, ideologies and experiences.

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Hertog Award--Fantastic Experience

The Hertog Foundation is pleased to announce its 2018 fellowships and seminars for undergraduates and recent grads.


   As you can see on our website, the Foundation offers various fellowships on public policy and political thought in Washington, DC. Each carries funding for travel as well as housing accommodations. Fellows study with master teachers and hear from distinguished speakers drawn from academia, politics, journalism, and business. Current lecturers include Yuval Levin (National Affairs), General John Allen(Brookings), Robert Bartlett (Boston College), Vickie Sullivan (Tufts), Frederick Kagan (AEI), and many more.


      We have four offerings next year:

  •              Weekend Seminars – Intensive three-day seminars on public policy topics offered in Winter/Spring 2018.


  •              Political Studies Program – Our flagship seven-week fellowship will run from June 17 to August 4, 2018. The best candidates for this program are college upperclassmen and recent grads, although we have accepted exceptional freshmen and sophomores in the past.


  •              War Studies Program – A two-week summer fellowship offered by Kim and Fred Kagan at the Institute for the Study of War. This program is also best-suited to juniors, seniors, and recent grads.


  •              Summer Courses – This series of one- to two-week seminars allows students to create their own individualized course of study. Younger students are encouraged to apply for these seminars, as are upperclassmen who have other obligations during the summer.


   Would you be willing to share this announcement with your students? We also invite you to nominate students for our fellowships and seminars. Nominating students is easy. Simply share the candidate’s name and email with me, along with a brief description of the student’s abilities and interest in politics and public policy. I’ll then reach out to your nominee(s) to encourage them to apply.


   Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about our offerings – I would be glad to tell you more about our programs!


Cheryl Miller

Hertog Foundation

(202) 853-9440


Opportunities at the Hertog Foundation –

Visit to learn more and apply.


Weekend Seminars


  • Eligibility: Undergraduates and very recent grads (2017 or 2018)
  • Location: Washington, DC
  • Duration: Friday-Sunday seminars, Winter/Spring 2018
  • Stipend: Covers housing, meals, and travel


Intensive weekend programs that allow students to dive into pressing policy issues with leading experts and thinkers. Topics include understanding populism and constitutional law.


Political Studies Program


  • Eligibility: Undergraduates and very recent grads (2017 or 2018)
  • Location: Washington, DC
  • Duration: 7-week program, June 17 – August 4, 2018
  • Stipend: Provides housing and some meals, plus stipend


Hertog Fellows study classic texts in political thought and some of the seminal documents of American politics with an outstanding faculty. In addition, students study selected public policy issues with some of those who helped formulate and implement those policies.


War Studies Program


  • Eligibility: College juniors, seniors and very recent grads (2017)
  • Location: Washington, DC
  • Duration: 2-week program, July 20 – August 4, 2018
  • Stipend: Provides housing and some meals, plus stipend


The War Studies Program, run by the Institute for the Study of War, aims to educate undergraduate students about the theory, practice, organization, and control of war and military forces. Students will learn from and interact with distinguished senior leaders in the national security and military communities, including retired generals and leading intellectuals.


Summer Courses


  • Eligibility: Undergraduates and very recent grads (2017 or 2018)
  • Location: Washington, DC
  • Duration: One- to two-week seminars throughout the period of June 24 – August 4, 2018
  • Stipend: Provides housing and some meals, plus stipend


This series of one- to two-week seminars allows students to create their own individualized course of study. Younger students are encouraged to apply for these seminars, as are upperclassmen who have other obligations during the summer. Offerings include topics such as American democratic capitalism, US-Russia policy, modern conservative thought, and grand strategy.


List of Internships from the American Political Science Association

Public Policy and Leadership Conference at Harvard 
National Democratic Institute- internships 
Center for International Policy- Internships 


List of Conferences from the American Political Science Association.

Public Service and International Service Opportunities

Paid White House Internships for Summer 2023
The White House Internship Program is a public service leadership and development program that provides emerging leaders with an opportunity to gain valuable skills while supporting the work of the White House and furthering the priorities of the Administration. Candidates must be US citizens, 18+ years or older, and currently enrolled in an accredited program OR graduated from an accredited program no more than two years prior to the first day of the internship, OR be a veteran of the US Armed Forces who possesses a high school diploma or its equivalent and has served on active duty for any length of time no more than two years prior to the first day of the program. Deadline: December 2, 2022
Marcellus Policy Fellowship 
The John Quincy Adams Society developed the Marcellus Policy Fellowship to help the next generation of US leaders develop the ideas and skills necessary to guide US foreign policy in the twenty-first century. Under guidance, fellows craft a detailed policy paper and a related policy memorandum and op-ed. The Fellowship is open to current students, as well as those with 0-2 years of employment in the foreign policy space (Internships do not count against the two-year limit). US citizenship is not required. Fellows receive a $750 stipend. Deadline: January 8, 2023. 
LevelUp Gov: A Public Service Marketing Challenge
LevelUp Gov is a national contest run by the Volcker Alliance for people ages 18-25 to craft fresh, bold messages to get the next generation of technology professionals excited about government work. Gen Zers with a passion for public service and a flair for marketing, social media, or design can help inspire early-career technologists to pursue career opportunities in the federal government. Two winners will each receive a $10,000 cash prize. Two runners-up will receive a $2,500 cash prize. Deadline: January 8, 2023
Walter J. Jensen Fellowship
The Walter J. Jensen Fellowship seeks to enrich, promote and improve education in the French language in the US through an award to educators and researchers to be used for education and study of French language, literature, and culture. The Fellowship is awarded for at least six continuous months of study in France and carries a stipend of $16,900, as well as a single round-trip, economy-class ticket to France. The fellowship is intended for applicants who convincingly demonstrate that an active use of the French language plays or will play a significant role in their current or future career; have a bachelor's degree in French language and literature from an accredited four-year institution; have achieved a minimum 3.0 GPA; demonstrate superior competence in French, and are US Citizens. Deadline: January 20, 2023
American Political Science Association Ralph Bunche Summer Institute
The Ralph Bunche Summer Institute Program is an annual, intensive five-week program held at Duke University. The program is designed to introduce aspiring political scientists to the world of doctoral study. Applicants must be a US citizen, US national, US permanent resident, or DACA and a member of one of the following groups: African Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, Latinos/as, American Indians or Alaska natives, and Native Hawaiians, or an individual who is interested in broadening participation in political science by students from underrepresented minority populations and pursuing scholarship on issues affecting underrepresented groups or issues of tribal sovereignty and governance, must be college/university junior with an interest in teaching and potential for research in political science. Deadline: January 23, 2023
APAICS Congressional Fellowship
The APAICS Congressional Fellowship is designed for young AAPI professionals looking to increase their experience in public policy and service. The full-time, paid, 9-month program, places fellows across House and Senate offices, committees, and leadership offices. Fellows must have completed their undergraduate or graduate degree and/or have at least five years of public service experience prior to the program start date. They must be US citizens, lawful permanent residents, DACA with an Employment Authorization Document, or individuals who are legally authorized to work full-time without restriction for any US employer and who possess lawful evidence of employment authorization. Deadline: January 27, 2023
American Economics Association Summer Training and Scholarship Program 
The AEA Summer Training Program and Scholarship Program seeks to increase diversity in the field of economics by preparing talented undergraduates for doctoral programs in economics and related disciplines. Students develop and solidify technical skills in preparation for the rigors of graduate studies. All students receive 2 months of intensive training in microeconomics, math, econometrics and research methods with leading faculty. At 3 credits per class, students have the opportunity to earn 12 credits.  Deadline: January 31, 2023