Scholarships, Fellowships, Academic Internships, and Grants: Pre-Law

This guide is designed to assist members of the Eckerd College Community in identifying scholarships, grants, academic internships, and fellowship opportunities.

Law School

Before heading to law school, it's important for prospective law students to understand enough about the legal profession to gauge whether they'd find a legal job fulfilling, according to practicing attorneys. It's also vital for aspiring law students to reflect on what their motivations are for wanting to attend law school, attorneys warn.



Pre Law Advising at Eckerd College

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Tests and Applications

Get to Know the LSAT Interface

The online, live remote-proctored LSAT is administered through LSAC LawHub. Before the test, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the test’s content and interface by using the official LSAT practice tests and tutorial videos available through your LawHub account. Using these practice tests, you’ll be able to do everything you can do during the actual exam — eliminating and selecting responses, highlighting passages, setting screen preferences, and more.

You can sign into LawHub with your LSAC username and password.

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Deciding to go to law school is an investment in your future. It is a serious financial investment as well. However, with thoughtful research and careful planning, financing a legal education is possible.

The single best source of information about financing a legal education is the financial aid office (or the website) serving any LSAC-member law school. provides links to many law schools as well as several good sources of financial aid information.