Scholarships, Fellowships, Academic Internships, and Grants: Sociology

This guide is designed to assist members of the Eckerd College Community in identifying scholarships, grants, academic internships, and fellowship opportunities.

Scholarships and Fellowships



Albright Institute of Archaeological Research(Jerusalem) 32 fellowships in Near Eastern studies from prehistory through the early Islamic period, including the fields of archaeology, anthropology, art history, Bible, epigraphy, historical geography, history, language, literature, philology and religion and related disciplines.


American Antiquarian Society Fellowships(Worcester, MA) One- to 12-month fellowships for research in American history, art and culture through 1876. 


American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science and Technology Policy Fellowships  Two fellowships in Congress to increase and improve interaction between scientists, including those in psychology, and policy makers.  


American Association of University Women American Fellowships  Fellowships supporting women finishing research for publication.


American Center of Oriental Research Fellowships(Aman, Jordan) Fellowships in all areas of the humanities and the natural and social sciences which contribute to scholarship in Near Eastern studies.


American Council of Learned Societies  Fellowships for humanities and social sciences, and interdisciplinary work, but notfor pedagogy, translation, or most travel.


American Institute of Indian Studies(India) Research fellowships up to nine months in anthropology, ethnomusicology, history, performing arts, political science, religious studies, and urban planning of India.


American Philological Association(Munich) One fellowship in residence with the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae Institute on Latin language and culture from the classical period through the early Middle Ages. Requires reading knowledge of German and advanced competence in Greek.


American Philosophical Society

            Library Resident Research Fellowship(Philadelphia) One- to four-month resident fellowships to use the society’s collection to researchthe history of American science and technology and its European roots, as well as early American history and culture (not Philosophy).

            Franklin Research GrantsSmall grants to young scholars intended to support the cost of research leading to publication in all areas of knowledge.


American Political Science Association  

  1. Congressional Fellowshipsfor political sciencecommunications, and health policyscholars
  2. Centennial Center for Political Science & Public Affairs(Washington, D.C.) Up to one year resident visiting scholar in all areas of political science. External funding helpful.  Some funds available for scholars pursuing Latino/political sciencecomparative electoral politicswomen and politics, the American presidency, or public administration.
  3. Additional political science funding sources


American Psychological FoundationOne-year $5,000-20,000 grants supporting research, education, and intervention projects and programs that on the connection between mental and physical health to ensure well-being;

1   Reducing stigma and prejudice to promote unity and harmony;

2   Understanding and preventing violence to create a safer, more humane world; and

3   Supporting programs that address the long-term psychological needs of individuals and communities in the aftermath of disaster.


American-Scandinavian Foundation(Scandinavian countries) Support for one year of research or study relevant to Scandinavian countries in all fields. Command of host country language expected.


Andrew Mellon Foundation

  1. Charles A. Ryskamp Research Fellowships Academic year fellowships for tenure-track faculty in humanities and social sciences.

2.    Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellowships for Recently Tenured Scholars (Stanford or Can Marino, CA, Chicago, Cambridge or Worcester, MA, Research Triangle Park, NC, Princeton, Washington, D.C., Rome or Florence, Italy) Academic year fellowships in humanities and social sciences at participating national research centers.


Archaelolgical Institute of AmericaFellowships, grants and scholarships open to members of the institute.

1.    German Archaeological Institute Fellowship for Study in Berlin(Berlin) Fellowships for archaeologists who wish to use the library of the German Archaeological Institute for their research.

2.    Anna C. & Oliver C. Colburn Fellowship(Athens) Up to one year of support for research at the American School of Classical Studies.

3.    Helen M. Woodruff Fellowship of the Archaeological Institute of America and the American Academy in Rome(Rome) Archaeological and classical studies.

4.    Olivia James Traveling FellowshipFor travel and archaeological study in Greece, Cyprus, the Aegean Islands, Sicily, southern Italy, Turkey or Mesopotamia.

5.    Archaeology of Portugal FellowshipFor research, colloquia, symposia, publication and travel pertaining to the archaeology of Portugal.

6.    Archaeological Institute of America Site Preservation GrantOne- to three-year grant to maximize global preservation, outreach, and best practices for impact on local community, students, and discipline of archaeology as a whole.

7.    Publication Preparation GrantFunding to assist in final analysis, writing, and preparation for publication of the results of research so that, by the end of the second year under the grant, a completed manuscript (article or monograph) will be submitted for publication.

8.    Archaeological Institute of America Publication Subvention ProgramSupport of new book-length publications in the field of Classical Archaeology, defined as Greek, Roman, and Etruscan archaeology and art history. 


Asian Cultural CouncilGrants tailored to the needs and objectives of scholars in traditional and contemporary arts, archaeology, architecture, art history, arts administration, arts criticism, conservation, crafts, dance, design (not commercial), film, installation, literature, museology, music, new media, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, theater, and video.


AT&T Technology & Environment Awards Program 

Grants for interdisciplinary research (1) to understand how Information and Communications Technologies (e.g. mobile connectivity) can affect the environment; (2) to understand how businesses can apply research findings related to ICT products and services to operate with less environmental impact and (3) to produce university faculty and students who can contribute to solving global and regional environmental problems.


Black Metropolis Research Consortium(Chicago) Short-term fellowships to provide access to archives and collections for artists and scholars in African American and African diasporic culture, history, and politics.  


James McKeen Cattell Fund Fellowshipssupplement sabbatical pay (up to $37,500) for psychology scholars.


Center for the Advancement of Scholarship on Engineering EducationSenior fellowshipsto research improvements in engineering education.


Chiang Ching Kuo Foundation  (Taiwan) Support for scholars from the American region for research,sabbatical funding, matching funds for conferences, and subsidies for publicationson Chinese Studies in the humanities and social sciences.  Preference to collaborative projects with counterparts in Taiwan.


Council for International Exchange of Scholars (Fulbright Scholars)800 awards for research worldwide.


Guggenheim Memorial Foundation  Six to twelve month fellowships for mid-career faculty across the arts and sciences, though not for artists who interpret other people’s work (yes for composers or choreographers, no for performers or directors of compositions or choreography).


Institute for Advanced Study  (Princeton) One term to multi-year visiting member fellowships in history of arts and sciences (combining humanistic disciplines, from socioeconomic developments, political theory, and modern international relations, to the history of art, science, philosophy, music, and literature), math, and natural and social sciences.  


Italian Academy at Columbia University Resident Fellowships(New York) One- and two-semester resident fellowships to pursue studies in cultural memory in global society, including scientific and technological connections and the neuroscience of cultural memory. 


Jennings Randolph Program for International Peace  (Washington, D.C.) Ten month resident fellowship to reflect and write on pressing international peace and security challenges.


Kluge Center at the Library of Congress(Washington, D.C.) Resident distinguished chairs and fellowships for up to one year for research in all areas of the arts and sciences.  Topic-specific funds include astrobiologypolitical economyforeign policy and international relationshealth and spiritualityAmerican studiesethics and American history, and folklife studies


Lady Davis Fellowship Trust Visiting Professorship(Israel) Visiting professorship in any field of study at Hebrew University.  Applicants must be full or associate professors AND be sponsored by a member of Hebrew University faculty.


Liguria Study Center for the Arts and Humanities Bogliasco Fellowships(Genoa, Italy) One-month fellowships in archaeology, architecture, classics, dance, film/video, history, landscape architecture, literature, music, philosophy, theater, and visual arts. The Center also occasionally awards named fellowships in music, visual arts, dance, literature, and music.


McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience Technical InnovationSupport for interdisciplinary research to enlarge the range of technology available to monitor, manipulate, analyze, or model brain function at any level, from molecular to entire organism.


Princeton University James Madison Visiting FellowshipOne year visiting fellowship in constitutional law and political thought.


Property and Environment Research Center(Bozeman, MT) free market environmentalism.

            Julian Simon Fellowshipfor policy-oriented research on natural resource and environmental conservation.

            Lone Mountain Fellowshipto research the role of markets and property rights in protecting and enhancing environmental resources. 


Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study(Cambridge, MA) One year residential fellowships for research in the humanities and social sciencescreative arts, and natural sciences and mathematics.  Opportunities for group applications and cluster studies.


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellows  (Washington, D.C.) Health care policy fellowship with a residential experience in Washington, DC, with additional support for continued health policy leadership development activities for up to one year for mid-career health professionals and behavioral and social scientists with an interest in health and healthcare.


Rockefeller Foundation Residencies(Bellagio, Italy) Month-long residencies for 12 scholars from all academic disciplines to explore topics relevant to improving life for the poor worldwide OR one to three month residencies and fellowships for fine and literary artists whose work is inspired by global or social issues.  


Russell Sage Foundation(New York, NY) Ten month residential fellowship in social science.


School of American Research(Santa Fe, NM) Nine month residenciesfor scholars who have completed their research and analysis in the social sciences, humanities, and Native arts and who need time to reflect, debate, and write.  Of these, oneis specifically geared to scholars of Native American heritage.  There is also a two month summer residencyfor three scholars in the social sciences, humanities, or arts.


Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture Scholars in Residence Program(New York) Six-month residency for research and writing on the peoples of the African Diaspora, which may include social and hard sciences if the work contributes to the humanities.


Social Science Research Council

            Abe FellowshipThree to twelve months of support for research explicitly focused on policy-relevant and contemporary issues with a comparative or transnational perspective that draw the study of the United States and Japan into wider disciplinary or theoretical debates.

            Drugs, Security, and Democracy FellowshipThree to twelve months of support for research on organized crime, drug policy, issues of governance, and associated topics across the social sciences and related disciplines.

            Islamic Traditions and Muslim Societies in World ContextsSmall grants to support public engagement by academic experts on Islamic traditions and Muslim societies.

            Van Alen Fellows ProgramPeriodic grants for social sciences and architecture to support work on the intersection between social dynamics and the built environment.


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Fellowships(Washington, D.C.) Three- to nine-month fellowships to support significant research and writing about the Holocaust.


United States Institute of Peace

  1. Grantsfor peace studies, including models for prevention and resolution of conflict, the roles of women, religion, economics, or the media, or social, psychological, and physical impacts of war. 
  2. Jennings Randolph Senior Fellowship(Washington, D.C.) Ten month resident fellowship to reflect and write on pressing international peace and security challenges.
  3. Additional Fellowshipsfor senior visiting, unpaid guest, Afghan, and Iraq scholars.


University of Ottawa Institute of Women's Studies(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Visiting scholar for one academic year for a feminist researcher to pursue study in an interdisciplinary, bilingual environment and share research with university.


William T. Grant FoundationDistinguished fellows program to promote exchange among researchers and policy-makers whose work affects and improves the lives of young people.



Post-Eckerd Opportunties